Faith(郑绪丽) 姊妹的受洗见证

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亲爱的弟兄姐妹们,主内平安! 今天是一个非常特别的日子。我很高兴可以在主里可以重生,获得新的生命。我是来到美国的时候经过一户美国寄宿家庭带领我信主的。我还认识了一位美国的老奶奶,她是一位让我敬佩和爱戴的老奶奶。她是非常爱主的,从她身上可以看出她活出了主的样式。记得在2003年的一个晚上,下班回家的路上把手臂摔断,在那三个月的时间里没办法工作,而且没有经济上的来源。感谢主啊!主耶稣安排了这位老奶奶对我无微无至的照顾,并且没有收我的房租。我非常的感动,让我领受到神的爱是何等的长阔高深。我非常感谢主让我先生Danny在2013年信主受洗了。自从他信主后,我感觉到神在他身上做工,我们的婚姻也更加和睦。他以前暴躁的脾气也没有那么急了。每当我们夫妻俩遇到不如意的事,我和Danny也一起来祷告,把一切重担和生活的琐碎都交给主耶稣。我们都会感到有主的同在。让我们心里有平安。

Faith’s Testimony

I am so happy today to share my testimony, today is a new beginning for me and I am glad to celebrate my rebirth in Jesus Christ with everyone.

I accept Jesus Christ as my savior when I came to US in my foster family. Another person helped me a lot in this journey is one american lady who let me live in her house without charging me. In 2003, I broke my arm on my way back home and could not work for three months. Without work and without a penny, I stayed with her in her house. She took very good care of me and I thank our Lord to send this Lady to help me at that time. I was deeply touched and felt God’s love through her.

I thank our Lord, I see changes in my husband Danny’s life after he was baptized in 2013. He is not bad tempered anymore and our marriage becomes more and more harmony. We begin to pray and learn to lay down our burdens to God whenever we had any troubles in our life and we feel God is with us all the time and our heart is filled with peace and joy.

I like to thank all the brothers and sisters in Hardy street baptist church, thanks to your help and support for our Chinese congregation. I like to thank our pastor, dawson and his wife joyce, for their prayers and teachings and encouragements. I learned a lot by joining the bible reading group at Wechat. I also like to thank sister Kebin to lead us in the baptism study group. I especially like to thank our heavenly father, our Lord Jesus Christ. May all the praises and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!