May 012018

弟兄姊妹们, 5月6号周日,早晨9:30,裴斐老师准备开始连续讲3堂的新主日学 :
神对婚姻的计划,包括婚姻的圣经根基,婚姻中常常出现的问题及处理方法! 欢迎大家来参加!

Dear brothers and sisters,
Ms.Faye will start a new class, May 6th for three weeks on”God’s Plan for Marriage.” We will cover the following topics: Biblical Foundation for Marriage, Ten Most Common Problems in Marriage; and Dealing with the Problems.

裴斐老师第一讲:怎么做好父母?(1) How to be good parents? (1)

裴斐老师第二讲:怎么做好父母?(2) How to be good parents? (2)

裴斐老师第三讲:怎么做好父母?(3) How to be good parents? (3)

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