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哈蒂斯堡华人基督教会 (Hattiesburg Chinese Christian Church)

新堂地址 address: 2899 Oak Grove Road, Hattiesburg, MS 39402 ( 从2019年5月5日起启用)

Pastor: Dawson Zhang 张道山


  • 籍贯湖北,原專業是计算机 , 1999123 在广东工作期間蒙恩信主 [信主历程],2002831 在美国北卡州葛培理培训中心The Cove蒙召做全職服事 ,於是從 2008年至2011 去芝加哥接受神學裝備 ,畢業後來到密西西比哈蒂斯堡 Hattiesburg 植堂並牧會 ,2019年任  美南浸信会提名委员会委员   ,2020年 前往阿拉巴馬蒙哥馬利建立新的教會。

Intern Assistant Pastor: Kyle Liu  实习助理传道 劉哲

  • 劉哲傳道出生於內蒙古自治區, 15歲到美國讀基督徒高中时,立志服侍主。 19歲在中國福音大會上回應呼召做全職服侍。之後就讀於穆迪聖經學院以及穆迪神學院, 主修聖經心理輔導和道學。讀神學期間與太太董哲結婚,現育有一女。 2020 年從神學院畢業,2021年來到密西西比州哈蒂斯堡華人基督教會做傳道。

执事名单: (Deacon board name list)

  • Sam Foreman( 付三福 ) : Youth pastor 青少年牧师 ,Tel: 601-562-1415
  • Haijie  Chen: 陈海捷   Tel : 601-530-6672
  • Catharine Liu  : Youth ministry 刘建霞: 负责青少年和孩童事工  tel: 601-329-7314
  • Jinhai Yang : USM campus ministry  杨金海:负责USM校园事工 tel: 601-446-4166
  • Danny Li : Restaurant men ministry 李乃钿:  负责餐馆的弟兄事工  tel: 347-952-5833
  • Tina Pan : Restaurant women ministry 潘秀清:负责餐馆姊妹事工  tel:601-467-8866

我们每周的活动 weekly events

  • Sunday School 主日学 (205 房间) 9:15-10:15 AM
  • Sunday Worship service 主日崇拜  10:30- 11:30 AM
  • Tuesday love fellowship (every two weeks) 每月双周二 “爱的团契” 1030AM 开始
  • Wednesday Prayer meeting 周三祷告会(22 Rue Lafitte 7:00 pm – 800PM
  • Weekend campus fellowship 周末校园团契 ( 另行通知)

如果需要我们的帮助,请填写下面信息!if you need any help, please fill the forms below! thank you and God bless you!

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    1. zhao xinyi says:

      Hello. I am Zhao xinyi (Chinese,male, single) who is now studying in Orlando university of central florida but I will begin my phd in chemistry in university of southern Mississippi at begin of Aug 2016. I prefer to take direct flight to New Orleans(MSY) because I have to transfer 3 times for flight to Hattiesburg and it much more time and money. I have not got my drive license (still learning) and cannot drive long way. i have also considered long coach but it take much time about 16h. cssa in usm said it can give information of me to someone in usm to pick me up at airport for fee but nothing about finding a living place. could you please help me? In my time in Orlando, most of my friends are in church and they helped me much. Now I believe in god. My church friends said christans can help so I ask you for help help. contact me in tel 4073008421 email thank you.

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